Application engineering

Application engineering is a very important interface in the cooperation between customer and company. Here an analysis is carried out concerning which ways individual customer requirements can be undertaken in a cost effective manner.

The first step is to work together with the customer to define the requirements and objectives of the product, for example, area of application, technical requirements and features, influencing external factors (climatic conditions), budget etc.

On the basis of the pre-agreed customer requirements and the effective norms, the next step is to establish the engineering data for the production of the prototype. In doing so particular attention is placed on the selection of the most suitable pipe and hose assembly, as well as connections, fittings and special components. Then only when the individual components of your products dovetail exactly together are they then operational in the long run. Within a short period of time all prototypes are produced in-house, to the same copy and quality as the later serial parts.

Our application technology makes sure that every project from development to operation is carried out on site. In this manner we can guarantee from the beginning that the product is integrated exactly in the existing process. Disturbances and malfunctions are kept to a minimum.

You ask yourself: what is so unique about our application engineering?

It is the combination of innovative thinking and the ambition to develop together with you, first class tailor made solutions to meet your special needs.