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The solutions of Interhydraulik

Interhydraulik is a specialist in connective techniques. It offers a broad-based standard programme of products to industry on the one hand and on the other hand is able to provide specific problem solutions for complex and individual requirements in dialogue with its customers.

These are enabled rapidly, efficiently, economically and on an ecologically friendly basis. Ongoing market analyses, and inherent market changes, as well as requirements derived from the needs of its customers produce flexible, reliable and intelligent problem solutions from the ideas gathered from mobile hydraulics and fluid drive techniques, which the company then implements into standard production.

Our additional services:

  • Prototyping
  • Development of components
  • Delivery of components in complete assemblies
  • Supply of pre-commissioned assemblies
  • Spare parts Service

‘Just-in-time’ services are a matter of course for INTERHYDRAULIK. Deliveries on a ‘Kanban’ basis are also possible.

Interhydraulik provides all customers with competent advisories concerning the selection of its products and also a technical service for its customers at the site of application.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Product catalogue Edition 1_2023

* extrapolated value based on tests according to ISO 7326

* extrapolated value based on tests according to ISO 7326

* extrapolated value based on tests according to ISO 7326

Interhydraulik standard foot element for hose lines with 1 and 2 layers, amongst others also applicable for suction and special hoses

Standard foot element for numerous hoses from the company “manuli Hydraulics”

Interhydraulik foot element suitable for the Exovation 4SP hose

Interlock plus foot element, Xtralock foot element and Xtralock fitting from the company manuli HYDRAULICS

Hose technology from Interhydraulik


It doesn’t matter whether it’s suction, low pressure or high pressure hoses; Interhydraulik delivers complete hose technology from one source. We have extensive knowledge in the area of connecting hydraulics for our OEM’s in the machine construction branch, in utility vehicle technology and in the area of lifting / handling,
as well as wind energy.

Our customers consider us to be a specialist for innovative special purpose solutions. On the basis of the requirements individual hose assemblies are constructed and produced. This is exactly the case when it comes to special fittings where our possibilities are very multifunctional.

For us and our suppliers the most important obligation is to provide the highest product quality. All the material is qualified according to our in-house standards. Thereby we are also able to achieve the highest quality which our customers require. By the same token we place high value on the components cleanliness – every hose assembly according to the wishes of the customer is cleaned during the production process.

When it comes to suction hose assemblies Interhydraulik has proven itself due to its comprehensive product pallet. The smallest bending radiuses, compact fittings and special purpose solutions
clearly bring added value for our customers. The exact
tolerance adjustment of stilts, clamps/holders and suction hoses
eliminate leakage during subsequent use.

More pressure-resistant, more temperature- and ozone-resistant, more abrasion-resistant, more flexible – hose assemblies of the Exovation product line exceed the standard requirements

Standards are important and necessary because they define a uniform quality standard for hose assemblies. But if the hose in the machine then actually only meets the minimum requirements, in many cases this is not only annoying but also cost-intensive: machine stop, new material, assembly …

With the claim “The better the hose properties, the lower the risk that the hose assembly will fail prematurely”, Interhydraulik has launched a product line whose properties clearly exceed the standard requirements. Thanks to improved hose covers and designs, Exovation® hoses are – depending on the type – more pressure-resistant, abrasion-resistant, flexible, ozone-resistant or temperature-resistant. In detail, this means:

Only between 0.01 and 0.5 g abrasion
The principle is simply explained: mechanical stress on the hose cover leads to abrasion. The higher the abrasion, the shorter the service life of the hose.
The European hose standards (EN853, EN854, EN856, EN857) prescribe maximum abrasion values of between 0.5 and 1.0 g for braided and spiral hoses. By comparison, hose assemblies in the Exovation® product line have a maximum abrasion of 0.5 g throughout. Hose types with the suffix “G” are designed for demanding applications and have a maximum of 0.2 g abrasion. For applications in extreme environments, Interhydraulik offers hose types with the suffix “Z”. These have abrasion values of max. 0.01 g.

Between 150 and 3,500 h* ozone resistance
The hose lines of the Exovation® product line are also impressive in terms of their ozone resistance. All lines have twice the ozone resistance (150 h) of the standard requirement (72 h). Hose types with the suffix “G” achieve 400 h ozone resistance, hose types with the suffix “Z” even 3,500 h*.

Bending radii up to 38% more compact
The hose lines of the Exovation® product line feature more compact bending radii at higher operating pressures. They undercut the bending radii of comparable hose standards by up to 38 %.

By the way, you can recognize an Exovation® hose not only by the corresponding lettering on the layline, but also by the fact that there is an additional marking behind the hose type (in our example, the 2SC): the A. In this case, the A indicates that the hose has an ozone resistance of 150 h and a bending radius that is 5% smaller than comparable hose standards.


Other letters and properties of Exovation® products:

A  150 h ozone resistance and 5 % lower bending radius.

G  400 h ozone resistance and 0.2 g abrasion

H  135° C permissible operating temperature

Z  3,500 h* ozone resistance and < 0.01 g abrasion

Here you can access all Exovation® hoses, sorted by their different properties.

* extrapolated value based on tests according to ISO 7326

The clip2protect  mounting clip

The clip2protect mounting clip is suitable for securely fastening protective coils, anti-kink coils, burst protection hoses and plastic scouring coils to the socket.

It is attached using a two-ear clip that is matched to the diameter of the socket.


  • Simple installation, only one universal clip size required
  • Secure and durable fastening possible with various clips
  • clip2protect is independent of the compression dimension
  • Suitable for all wire diameters up to 4 mm
  • No stationary workstation required as no stationary machine is needed
  • Suitable for both tightly wound spirals and spirals with a larger pitch
  • Simple assignment of the appropriate clamps to the crimping dimension
  • No fixed lengths of spirals required
  • Disassembly and reassembly possible
  • Low material usage

Tube technology from Interhydraulik

As a specialist for hydraulic tubing Interhydraulik offers the highest product quality as well as a versatile range of  products. We can alternatively implement your requirements in welded, soldered or unformed hydraulic tubing with diverse surface coatings.

With the most modern CNC-bending technology new quality measures are being put in place and hydraulic tubing with dimensions of 6 mm up to 65 x 8 mm as well as 100 x 2 mm with unique European wide tolerances will be produced. The documentation of
construction dimensions and tolerances in detailed test certificates are standard for us. The smallest radius of 1.25 x D can be  realised, likewise multi-radiuses.

Due to in-house inductive soldering under inert gas or fusion welding competent connections are produced. Tube connections can also be produced by cold forming. Thereby soldered and welded joints as well as any subsequent coating can be avoided. We can provide you with different types of surface coatings according to your specifications.

Below you will find a subsequent extract from our hydraulic tubing product spectrum.

Interhydraulik produces mass produced or small batch CNC-bent hydraulic tubing. Choose between welded, soldered or reshaped versions, or a version with screw nuts or cutting rings.

We produce high pressure hydraulic tubing with minimum tolerances up to 65 x 8mm. Different types of connections and surfaces are possible. Tubing lengths up to 6 mm are achievable.hrleitungen bis 65 x 8 mm fertigen wir mit minimalsten Toleranzen. Anschlüsse und Oberflächen sind in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen möglich. Rohrlängen bis zu 6 m sind realisierbar.

In addition to the standard solutions we can also offer you additional and innovative connections like hydraulic tubing in the version “tube press”. With this process the connection is pressed directly on the tube end. The result is high quality components with a high degree of component cleanliness, optimised flow plus custom fitting.

Cold welded or return flow´suction tubing with a diameter of up to 100 mm are also a part of our product range. The surface can either be galvanised or coated.

Due to the structure of the construction kit we are also in the position to quickly implement customer specific special purpose solutions and optimise costs.

One of the strengths of Interhydraulik is the design and the production of complete customer specific solutions. Here we are going in a new direction by offering our customers high quality products. This allows for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Special solutions from Interhydraulik

In the past few years we have developed and produced numerous different special solutions for our customers. We have compiled a small selection of these for you.

Please speak to us when you need a first class, tailor made product solution specially suited to your needs. We will gladly give you our full support.

3D-installation of a tank module:
pre-assembled tank assembly incl. hydraulic components


Pre-assembled, ready to be installed controlling plate

3D-model of an existing intake System

Afterwards: 3D-model of an intake system optimised by us

Pre-assembled controlling block module incl. control valves

Pipework groups