We are smoke-free!!

Conflicts often arise within the framework of cooperation between non-smokers and smokers: Non-smokers feel disturbed by smokers or have the feeling of working more. In addition, the company incurs immense costs due to smoking breaks, absenteeism and lack of concentration. For this reason, INTERHYDRAULIK has decided to become a smoke-free company from 2018.

Employees are only allowed to smoke during the official breakfast and lunch breaks.
Additional smoking breaks are no longer permitted.

In order to make this innovation easier for the smoking employees, INTERHYDRAULIK has offered an smoking cessation course, which has met with a lively response.
The course gave the employees the opportunity to prepare themselves intensively for stopping. They were even released from their work for this purpose.

Many employees have reduced their cigarette consumption by attending this course and some have even stopped smoking altogether. We are very proud of this!

Even after the smoke stop they receive support to stabilise and consolidate their absence of smoke for the future.

Last but not least, active health protection is a sign of a progressive corporate culture, contributes to a positive corporate image and offers many advantages for both employees and employers. After all, the goal of smoking cessation is to achieve a lasting change to the comprehensible benefit of the employees as well as to the company’s entrepreneurial success.