The core skills of Interhydraulik are product know-how in the field of hydraulic hoses and tubing. The highest premise however is to realise the highest quality and ensure high-grade customer satisfaction.

But, Interhydraulik can offer more: also as a services provider, the company can address customer requirements optimally; INTERHYDRAULIK provides customers with customer services and delivers components in complete assemblies. These can then be supplied on a demand-actuated basis directly to the erection line. This reduces otherwise required inventory space and transportation between locations.

We also supply customers with pre-commissioned assemblies including external products. Dependent on requirements, these can for example include valves, pumps, motors, cylinders, filters, clamps, couplings, seals, etc.
In accordance with customer preferences, such assemblies can be supplied in a special packaging sequence.

This means, that the erection and installing staff find the components required first in the upper part of the kit packaging, and then the second and so forth. This obviates any expenditure of time in sorting. Additional services, such as the labelling of components with identification numbers for rapid installation, round off the services provided by the company.

‘Just-in-time’ services are a matter of course for Interhydraulik. Deliveries on a ‘Kanban’ basis are also possible.