Roulette, Black Jack and Mental Magic

In order to thank them for their loyalty and solidarity over the past years, the management invited all employees to a joint evening at the Hohensyburg casino at the end of September.

But before it went to the gaming tables, Nicolai Friedrich astonished those present. Even the greatest skeptics literally took off their hats when the mental magician and magician, who was awarded the title of “Artist of the Year” in the field of illusion in 2010, could seemingly effortlessly predict or guess lottery numbers, zodiac signs, birthdays and personal thoughts. Anyone who had hoped to catch Nicolai Friedrich cheating during his table magic was disappointed – for not even when one could look at his fingers up close could his tricks be explained logically.

Then everyone could try their luck at the gaming tables and “gamble away” the starting capital sponsored by Interhydraulik in the casino.

Photo: Spielbank Hohensyburg (Website: