Tube technology from Interhydraulik

As a specialist for hydraulic tubing Interhydraulik offers the highest product quality as well as a versatile range of  products. We can alternatively implement your requirements in welded, soldered or unformed hydraulic tubing with diverse surface coatings.

With the most modern CNC-bending technology new quality measures are being put in place and hydraulic tubing with dimensions of 6 mm up to 65 x 8 mm as well as 100 x 2 mm with unique European wide tolerances will be produced. The documentation of
construction dimensions and tolerances in detailed test certificates are standard for us. The smallest radius of 1.25 x D can be  realised, likewise multi-radiuses.

Due to in-house inductive soldering under inert gas or fusion welding competent connections are produced. Tube connections can also be produced by cold forming. Thereby soldered and welded joints as well as any subsequent coating can be avoided. We can provide you with different types of surface coatings according to your specifications.

Below you will find a subsequent extract from our hydraulic tubing product spectrum.

Interhydraulik produces mass produced or small batch CNC-bent hydraulic tubing. Choose between welded, soldered or reshaped versions, or a version with screw nuts or cutting rings.

We produce high pressure hydraulic tubing with minimum tolerances up to 65 x 8mm. Different types of connections and surfaces are possible. Tubing lengths up to 6 mm are achievable.

In addition to the standard solutions we can also offer you additional and innovative connections like hydraulic tubing in the version “tube press”. With this process the connection is pressed directly on the tube end. The result is high quality components with a high degree of component cleanliness, optimised flow plus custom fitting.

Cold welded or return flow´suction tubing with a diameter of up to 100 mm are also a part of our product range. The surface can either be galvanised or coated.

Due to the structure of the construction kit we are also in the position to quickly implement customer specific special purpose solutions and optimise costs.

One of the strengths of Interhydraulik is the design and the production of complete customer specific solutions. Here we are going in a new direction by offering our customers high quality products. This allows for increased efficiency and cost savings.