Exovation exceeds the standard requirements for hydraulic hoses

Amongst other things the requirements for hydraulic hoses are regulated by the basic standards EN 853, EN 854, EN 856 and EN 857. They are mandatory and define the general legal quality standards for hydraulic hose lines, as well as the minimum standards.

The hose lines of the Exovation® product line exceed the standard requirements in many aspects:
- improved abrasion resistance
- higher ozone resistance
- compact bending radius along with higher operating pressure
- superior permissible operating temperatures

This means at just a glance you can recognise the hose lines of the Exovation® product line:

Exovation   2SC-A

Behind every letter in our example of the "A" is a hidden characteristic, which exceeds the standard requirements. The subsequent diagram shows every letter and the corresponding characteristics.


  • 150 h ozone resistane (tested acc. to ISO 7326)
  • average 5 % less bending radius in comparison to comparable hose standards
  • 400 h ozone resistance (tested acc. to ISO 7326)
  • 0,2 g abrasion (tested acc. to ISO 6945) 
  • acceptable operating temperature 135° C  
  • acceptable operating temperature -55° C up to 90° C
  • 3.500 h* ozone resistance (tested acc. to ISO 7326)
  • abrasion < 0,01 g (tested acc. to ISO 6945)

 * Projected values on the basis of tests according to ISO 7326

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