The clip2protect mounting clip

The clip2protect mounting clip is suitable for securely fastening protective coils, anti-kink coils, burst protection hoses and plastic scouring coils
to the socket.

It is attached using a two-ear clip that is matched to the diameter of the socket.


  •     Simple installation, only one universal clip size required
  •     Secure and durable fastening possible with various clips
  •     clip2protect is independent of the compression dimension
  •     Suitable for all wire diameters up to 4 mm
  •     No stationary workstation required as no stationary machine is needed
  •     Suitable for both tightly wound spirals and spirals with a larger pitch
  •     Simple assignment of the appropriate clamps to the crimping dimension
  •     No fixed lengths of spirals required
  •     Disassembly and reassembly possible
  •     Low material usage