Interhydraulik supports the “Sternenhimmel” campaign in Selm

To ensure that Christmas wishes don’t just remain wishes, Caritas Lünen-Selm-Werne launched the “Sternenhimmel” campaign for the second time at the end of November. In order to make even more wishes come true, Interhydraulik is supporting the project this year with a donation.

“And, what did you get for Christmas?”

Unfortunately this is the sad reality for many children because their families don’t have enough money to buy Christmas presents. Often it is just supposed “little things” like a radioplay or a “Schleich” horse that are on the wish lists.

The Caritas association Lünen-Selm-Werne, which also looks after the open all-day schools in the three cities, knows the worries and often also the financial bottlenecks of the families and therefore asks many weeks before Christmas in a “by the way-manner” what is on the wish lists of the little ones. These wishes are then collected, transferred anonymously to “wish stars” made of paper and hung up in the toy shop “Spielen & Träumen” of the Sandmann family in Selm.

Since the end of November, the citizens of Selm, who supported the campaign with great commitment last year, have been busy taking stars with them again, buying the gifts listed on them and bringing them back to Elisabeth’s and Antonius Sandmann’s shop lovingly wrapped (with the star for identification). There the gifts will be collected and handed over to the representatives of Caritas and the open all-day schools in mid-December, so that they can reach the children and their families on time for Christmas.

“Knowing that the gifts really reach the children and put a smile on their faces on Christmas Eve was crucial for us to break with the tradition of giving gifts to our customers this year,” Claudius Hirsch explains the motivation to financially support the Caritas association in the Sternenhimmel campaign. “We are very pleased that a total of 225 wishes can be fulfilled this year”.

Photo: Arndt Brede, Ruhr News