Hose technology from Interhydraulik

It doesn’t matter whether it’s suction, low pressure or high pressure hoses; Interhydraulik delivers complete hose technology from one source. We have extensive knowledge in the area of connecting hydraulics for our OEM’s in the machine construction branch, in utility vehicle technology and in the area of lifting / handling,
as well as wind energy.

Our customers consider us to be a specialist for innovative special purpose solutions. On the basis of the requirements individual hose assemblies are constructed and produced. This is exactly the case when it comes to special fittings where our possibilities are very multifunctional.

For us and our suppliers the most important obligation is to provide the highest product quality. All the material is qualified according to our in-house standards. Thereby we are also able to achieve the highest quality which our customers require. By the same token we place high value on the components cleanliness – every hose assembly according to the wishes of the customer is cleaned during the production process.

When it comes to suction hose assemblies Interhydraulik has proven itself due to its comprehensive product pallet. The smallest bending radiuses, compact fittings and special purpose solutions
clearly bring added value for our customers. The exact
tolerance adjustment of stilts, clamps/holders and suction hoses
eliminate leakage during subsequent use.