For the sake of the environment

Drinking bottle instead of paper cup

A drinking water dispenser is basically a great thing… If it weren’t for the problem with the cups: You take one, fill it, drink it and then? Exactly, you dispose of it. After one use!

Whether the cups are made of plastic or recyclable paper may be relevant from an environmental point of view, but in the end it makes no difference in terms of the amount of waste. Cup remains cup.

You can probably imagine how many of these cups end up in the paper waste of a company of our size every day. In order to reduce this number and thus the volume of waste in the long term, we have equipped all Interhydraulik employees with a long-life drinking bottle. It holds half a litre, is free of BPA and has a special added value for the employees compared to the cups: the bottle can be taken into the production areas as it can be closed.

By the way, “saying goodbye” to the paper cups is just one of many measures with which we draw attention to the conscious use of natural resources and the avoidance of waste. And it will certainly not be the last.