Fit at work – Health Day shows potentials

One-sided physical strain, little exercise and overweight often lead to back pain. According to health insurance companies, back pain is the most common cause of inability to work.

To raise awareness of back health and health in general, Interhydraulik organised a Health Day in cooperation with the AOK on 9 October.

Those who are already plagued by back pain and those who want to take countermeasures in good time were able to have their muscular strength in the torso analysed during the back check. With the help of a mobile measuring system, any muscle weaknesses or imbalances in the area of the musculoskeletal system could be detected.
After the initial measurement, the back-check consultant explained the personal results to each participant and showed training options for improving muscle status – such as targeted exercises for everyday life or participation in a health course.

Healthy & tasty Food
In addition to the topic “back”, the focus was above all on healthy nutrition. There were healthy snacks to taste and a lot of recipe ideas to bring a little variety into the home kitchen.

Body fat analysis
Those who wanted to know how much body fat they carried around could use the BIA method (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) to determine the percentage of body fat mass in their weight.

All participants also had the chance to win great prizes such as the cookbook “Healthy cooking for the whole family”, relaxing bath additives and sauna towels. Participating was therefore worth it twice as much.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the AOK once again and hope that together we were able to motivate as many employees as possible to make their lifestyle a little healthier.