Being an entrepreneur also obligates us to fulfill social responsibility, and not only by creating jobs. Since 2021, we have focused our commitment on three overarching areas:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Society and social issues

Since personal contact and regular exchange with our project partners is important to us, all projects and facilities are located "in the neighborhood", so to speak.
As a sign of our appreciation, the cooperation is basically designed for 3 years.

In the area of education, we support the association GANZ SELM e. V., which supports and secures the organization and design of educational, care and supply offers in the city of Selm, both in and out of school. This includes, for example, after-school care, open all-day care, integration support, vacation care and additional educational services in the afternoon.

In the area of the environment, we support two projects:

As sponsor of the "Balster's Bee Meadow" project, we support the conversion of arable land into colorful flowering meadows to create a source of food and a refuge for bees, butterflies, insects in general, as well as small animals and birds.

The members of the SoLaWi Lippeauen Bork e. V. association (SoLaWi stands for Solidarity Agriculture) are committed to the collective promotion of regional food production as an alternative to industrial food and feed production – they thus take concrete responsibility for near-natural, regional production and the local distribution of food. Through regenerative agriculture, the quality of soils, vegetation, water cycle and productivity can be continuously improved regionally. Thanks to our financial support, it is now even possible to employ a trainee.

We are also involved in several social projects: 

The Tafel rescue surplus but qualitatively perfect food and distribute it to economically or socially disadvantaged people. There is also a distribution point in Selm, where every week between 60 and 100 people can buy the surplus food donations from the supermarkets in Unna at a greatly reduced price. With our financial support, we ensure that the volunteers have sufficient equipment for the distribution.

Every year in June, the city of Selm organizes a town festival for its citizens with live music and great activities for young and old. Here, too, we are happy to participate.

In addition to the aforementioned partnerships, we have been supporting the "Sternenhimmel" (starry sky) campaign for several years, which the Caritas Association Lünen-Selm-Werne regularly initiates together with the GANZ SELM e. V. association at Christmas for needy children. In this way, children who would otherwise have gone empty-handed because their families do not have sufficient financial resources also receive a Christmas present.

We are pleased to be involved – and have been for many years – with the action group Kinder in Not (Children in Need). This ensures children in the Philippines, India and Brazil their right to education, health and equality. Every euro donated reaches its destination 100% without deduction of administrative costs.

Also out of competition, the table tennis department of SC Union 08 Lüdinghausen is happy about our support.

But we also show our solidarity in acute situations and help people in need, such as most recently during the flood disaster in July 2021 in parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.