Corporate Philosophy

Quality Policy

Our company is dependent on our customers. We strive not only to meet the requirements of our customers, but to exceed their expectations time and again. Increasing customer satisfaction is therefore our primary goal. An open and honest relationship with our customers is the basis for a successful and long-term relationship for mutual benefit.

We are convinced that customer satisfaction is only possible in the long term if all employees use their abilities to the fullest for the benefit of the company and for the achievement of the company's goals. The inclusion and promotion of employees is an important principle of corporate management for us.

The continuous improvement in all areas of the company as well as the protection of the health and life of our employees are for us elementary components of our understanding of quality and therefore represent permanent goals for all employees in the company.

Activities relevant to quality and safety are planned, controlled and monitored throughout. In this way we meet the quality requirements of our customers as well as the applicable legal regulations. In doing so, we implement the "0-error principle" and strive to avoid errors from the outset instead of correcting them afterwards.

To make effective decisions, these should always be based on the analysis of data and information.

We are convinced that supplier relationships should be designed for mutual benefit in order to increase the ability of both sides to create value and to lay the foundation for long-term, successful cooperation.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to fulfilling all binding obligations and regulations and to continuously improving our environmental management system in order to protect the environment and sustainably improve our environmental performance as a company.We want to create trust in the public, among interested parties and our customers through objective information.

We want to prevent environmental pollution in all operating conditions, use environmentally friendly technologies and apply the best available, economically justifiable state-of-the-art technology.

The environmental awareness of our employees is to be promoted at all levels through appropriate training measures.

We take the necessary precautions to avoid deviating operating conditions and undertake to provide competent and comprehensive information on the environmental impact of our activities.

Safety and health at work

We are committed to a safe and healthy company and are committed to the following principles:

  • All injuries and work-related illnesses can – and must – be prevented. Hazards are therefore eliminated and risks to health and safety at work are minimized
  • All legal and official requirements as well as requirements of customers and other interest groups must be complied with.
  • Management means taking responsibility for safety & health in our company. We guarantee safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Communication, training and involvement of all employees working for and with us is essential.
  • Everyone is responsible for preventing accidents and illnesses in our company - and must continuously assume this responsibility.
  • Safety & health always have first priority and must be integrated into all operational processes. The management system for safety and health at work is therefore continuously improved. Employees and the works council are regularly consulted and involved on a topic and area-related basis.
  • Good results in the area of safety & health contribute to the economic success of our companies.
  • Our customers expect top performance from us – also in terms of safety & health.

Every individual who works for and with us constantly contributes to safety & health in our company.