About us

There are so many different designs of construction machines, agricultural machines, wind energy plants or haulage engines, but they have all got one thing in common: at first they all have long term high quality performing hydraulic components.

When the company was established in 1984 Wolfgang Hirsch laid the cornerstone for the success the company is experiencing today. His tireless pursuit for quality and his attention to detail has allowed Interhydraulik to continually grow over the years. To this day Wolfgang Hirsch is significantly shaping the mindset of the company philosophy.

As Interhydraulik knows the market and understands the increasing demands and requirements of its customers, the company in addition to its ready made hydraulic hoses and piping also offers specially tailor made product solutions: from the customer’s problems; flexible, reliable and intelligent solutions are developed, which leads to series production.

Subsequently you will find a summary of the complete product portfolio:

Assembled hose lines:
- From low pressure to extreme pressure
- Thermoplastic hose lines
- Suction hose lines
- Industrial hose lines

Hydraulic tube assemblies:
- Hydraulic tube assemblies (Ø up to 65 x 8 mm)
- Low pressure tube assemblies (Ø up to 100 x 2 mm)

Hydraulic accessories:
- Screw connections
- Couplings
- Ball valves
- Clamping
- Valves
- Hose protection

Special components:
- Distributors
- Collectors
- Suction fittings
- Welded components

Additional products and services:
- Construction services: from the development of a prototype to the start of production
- Optimisation of components and assembly processes
- Development and supply of pre-assembled components
- Repair and spare parts service

Meanwhile, Interhydraulik employs over 200 employees worldwide, 160 work at the headquarters in Selm.